Mobile Service

A mobile service is available to accommodate your needs as required. Our therapists will bring any necessary products or materials needed to carry out your treatment. Making sure you are as comfortable as possible to allow you to relax.

If you or a loved one is receiving treatment for ‘palliative care’ or ‘end of life’. Mo and Lindsey have both lived and worked with family and patients at this stage of their lives. We fully appreciate the care, dignity required and delicate nature of your situation. If you feel you would benefit from a light touch therapy, we will adapt our skills and give you as much, or as little time it takes for you to enjoy.

The first initial consultation and treatment will be charged at a minimum for an hour. This is so your therapist can take the time to get to know you and your specific requirements.

The service covers an area within a 20-mile radius of Darlington. However, if you live further away, we will do our best to accommodate you but will be charged an extra fee to allow for traveling expenses.

Travel expenses

Within 5 miles of Darlington – No charge.

Charges for travel over a 5-mile radius – Please ask at time of booking.


Cancellation policy

Please note that we do not charge for cancelling a booking. If you are unwell on the day of your treatment. Please call us to advise and we will rearrange your appointment as required.

Therapist illness

There may be days where if necessary, we need to cancel your therapy if our therapist is unwell and we are unable to send a suitable replacement. Your health and wellness are our utmost priority. So, we will not send out a therapist if your health is at risk.

Consent from your medical team

For our therapists to provide a treatment, we must first confirm that you have had consent from your medical team. Ideally a letter of consent to be held on your file, but if this is not possible to obtain. You MUST first seek verbal consent from your GP/consultant for your therapy to go ahead.


Adaptation of therapy for treatment

If you feel unsure if you can have a therapy due to wearing a line, port, bag, wig or having scarring etc. Please do not worry. Our therapists will endeavor to keep you covered and make sure we always uphold your dignity. We will not begin any treatment until you feel completely at ease and comfortable.